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This is the page for my entry to the Game Dev Fanatic jam 2019.  The theme was 'Rage Game'.  Raging Fires is a puzzle game where the player has several mechanics at their disposal to get past the fires blocking their way.  Unfortunately I ran out of time near the end of this jam and had to cut development short, hence the small number of levels and lack of difficult puzzles.


  • WASD - Move
  • Space - Enter Water Shoot Mode (after obtaining water)
    • WASD - Aim
    • Space (with WASD held) - Shoot water
    • Space (without WASD) - Exit Shoot mode
  • Escape - Quit


RagingFlames.zip 16 MB

Development log


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hey! seems like a good start! (: played it until it dropped me to desktop, so i think i'm a winner winner... obviously a win screen would clarify, or at least a drop to title

controls seemed fine, though we need gamepad STAT! cuz i love me some gamepad, but plays fine on keyboard

i do like the use of the space key, felt intuitive and comfortable from WASD, but my silly brain didn't realize i needed another key at first, i think i would pickup 1 water and walk over 1 fire tile... the fire hose action wasn't obvious, but it is cool as it did more than i expected...

also i'm unclear how many units of water i pick up, the ability to put out fires lasted much longer than i expected, i thought picking up 1 water would be good for one chance at putting out one fire or at least one line of fires with the fire hose... if water is ammo, i guess i would like an ammo counter

i was confused by the cracked mud tiles, they added nice visual variety but i expected them to do something different from the green grass tiles, however, i never noticed anything... similarly, i picked up bombs but never tried them, so no idea about that

to get really petty, the third level or so seemed pointless, but maybe it was the mud tiles had a hidden purpose and i simply never experienced it

overall, game was cool! no wait, add sound effects! omg, it's such a silent game, but even if you don't add music (which i know you will, and i agree) the sound effects will instantly juice the game

hope this is helpful! keep it up, you're doing good work!

Thanks for playing Drew!  I agree with everything you've got posted, there were definitely some cut corners due to the jam time limit (such as the forced closing at the end, missing UI, etc).  I agree that the water controls are a little obtuse and the use could be explained a little better.  That was the intent with the cracked mud tiles in the third level, to introduce them early and force the player to walk over them, giving the idea 'ok I can walk over these'.  But what I think I probably didn't explain well in the game, is that the fire doesn't spread to the mud tiles (or at least shouldn't, I know there was a bug related to that for awhile).  Also the bombs aren't pickups, they actually can be pushed or they explode but lack animations and such so the explode just looks like a disappear haha.

Thanks again for the comments, I definitely agree with this stuff and hope to expand and refine the elements over time. :)

aha! mud tiles now make sense, i just didn't get to enjoy their behavior. and yeah bombs def confused me, but i didn't worry about it since it didn't make me lose. basically, if i can still play and win and feel the game is not being unfair, i'm happy, so flaws and flukes like that are easy to forgive. thanks for splaining!

i will look forward to future updates so i can try out the other cool stuff. (: