Devlog 6 - End of the Line

Hi, hello, welcome back!  Is Day 6 over?  What day is it?  The end is in sight and the pressure is high trying to finish this jam entry up, but I'm really happy with the current state of the game even if it isn't fully complete.  Only a little art was done in the last day, but it adds a ton of polish.  First, let's look at the game before the art...

In this old image the player is represented by a white circle and the fire is represented by the red rounded square.  These are both built-in Unity shapes and are great for simple prototyping and building mechanics.  Now let's look at the game with updated art.

Wow does that look different!  The player is replaced by a 'meeple' to keep that board game feel, and the fire art really pops against that blue background.  Now a look at the evolution of the fire art:

Fire 1 is the first thing I drew when I woke up and took some time, and I'm not super happy with the result.  It feels flat and jagged, although the shading is pretty good and the number turned out alright.  The Fire 2 on the far right has a lot more depth, a more 'cartoony' number, and a better color gradient.  As I've mentioned in a previous blog, the style is based on some videos I've watched that explain a more hand-drawn texture style, something more like what World of Warcraft does.  I wouldn't say my style is exactly like WoW, but I think the softer gradients and highlights definitely borrow from techniques used on that game.

One day left, and I'm feeling like this game won't be fully complete by the submission time.  However, I have a great feeling this game is the start to a game that I'll expand on after the jam is over.

Next up: More art, levels, polish.  (When the heck am I going to do sound?!)

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