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Shadow Cards is a stealth action card battle game where you sneak through a facility filled with enemies.  Use Attack, Evade, and Counter-Attack cards to dispatch enemies in secret, defend yourself if you are seen, or barter your way out of a tricky situation.  Don't get caught without cards though, or your mission will be a failure!

Developed by Matt Christian in 48 hours as a solo compo entry for Ludum Dare 41.  Ludum Dare 41's theme was 'Combine 2 Incompatible Genres'.


WASD - Move/Navigate Menut
Mouse - Look
E - View Cards
Space/Mouse 1 - Stealth Attack (within range)
Escape - Quit

Install instructions

Unzip the files to any location and run ShadowCards.exe. Enjoy!


ShadowCards.zip 17 MB

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