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Play as Finnegan McGinnegan in his biggest adventure yet! Run, jump, and fly through eight rooms as you explore the dark corners of an abandoned well on your quest to bring happiness to Princess Danni. Sneak by tricks and traps that promise to stop Finnegan's journey in his tracks. Good luck, Little Buddy!

For Christmas 2018 I made my girlfriend Danni a short 'jam' game featuring my dog Finnegan McGinnegan.  Play as Finn as he runs through an old well to collect hearts for Danni!


  • WASD / Arrow Keys - Finn Dash
  • Space - Continue Story
  • Escape - Quit
  • Xbox/Playstation Controller Supported

Install instructions

Unzip the files to any location and run 'WellWishes.exe' in the WIN folder for Windows.


WellWishes.zip 22 MB

Development log


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Played your game today and wished it was longer :)


cute dog game... i was confused about movement at first, but quickly caught on... used a gamepad, too, but had to use dpad cuz joystick was def not mapped in a way that made sense to me... overall played pretty well and the scrunchy face pose when he bumps is adorable... love the glowing hearts, of course, and also thought the falling snow effect was nice, including at the exit to the dungeon, nice touch! very nicely done!

Thanks Drew!  I have to still go through and test the gamepad a little more but am hoping to put out a small update to patch issues with that soon.

Neat little game man. :)