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I made a let's play of your game on my vidme channel for a Halloween let's play series called Spookiest Horror Games...

NightLight {Spookiest Horror Games}

This one was pretty scary. I loved it!! 😱

Amazing game. Thought something would jump out at me the whole time! Wish it was longer but I love it!

This game has a very cool concept and i like the look.

Wish it was longer but its still a pretty cool game :).


Short but spooky, nicely done.

hey man, played your game

very original and intersting concept

did a gameplay of it, hope you don´t mind

I made my own Let's play on it. Pretty short, but the Silent Hill vibe was very spooky! Thanks Dev for the spooks c:

Gave it a go...

hi, really great game. a littlte touch of silent hill. dark and creepy, i love it. it makes so much fun. thx a lot for your work. sorry for my bad english ;) greetz from germany

Awesome game!! I was freaking out throughout the whole game!!

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I made a video on your game and i have say it was really good! if you watch the video please disregard me saying your game was made in under 30 hours i'm sometimes a dummy dum and i don't pay attention sometimes lol

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Fantastic work! Atmospherically pleasing. The audio, especially. (see rating for extra feedback)

Had to run windows troubleshooter on it in windows 10 but otherwise no issues, it auto fixed so I could play.

I expected to be able to run at first, but felt comfortable at this length with just being able to walk. Look forward to seeing where this develops from here or where your development takes you next!

Best, Liam

ps. well done again for #30daydev, amazing achievement in under 30 days!

FYI, for linux gamers, this game runs excellent in Wine. Tested in Ubuntu.

Satanic worms make for a creepy little story!

Thanks! Was wondering how/if it worked in Linux.